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ProSet Systems, Inc. was the first company to test a firestop device at Underwriters Laboratories in accordance with U.L. #1479 and ASTM E-814 fire test standards. The tests were conducted in May of 1982 making the ProSet System the most unique of  firestop sleeve devices. The ProSet System complete line of Firestop Penetrations equals or surpasses all of the current building and life safety codes. In addition to being fire rated, when our Penetrations are set in the concrete pour, they are highly water-resistant. Our Water Guard sleeves are rigorously tested to be used when the penetration must be waterproof.

Our Penetrators also allow pipe expansion and contraction and reduce pipe noise.

The ProSet System firestopping is accomplished by simply installing pipe, fittings and hangers, and the fire ratings are completed at the same time the pipe is installed! This contributes significantly to improved scheduling and productivity and allows the piping trade to take care of their own fire rated penetrations.

The ProSet System has three systems of firestopping: Systems A, B and C. Each system is unique in the method it uses for penetrating floor & wall construction assemblies.

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