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A Plumbing-Engineered, Plastic Single Stack System: The PVC Equivalent of the Sovent System

ProVent has a new PVC plastic single stack DWV system that delivers all the benefits of a cast iron Sovent and much more. The PVC piping package makes a big difference; it’s lighter and easier to install. And it uses the same plumbing rules as the Cast Iron Sovent (see links to plumbing rules, at right).

Benefits of the
Single Stack System
Significant Reduction in Pipe and Fittings
Savings in Materials and Labor
Improved Performance
Simplifies Job – Easier to stay on or
ahead of schedule
Allows for Pipe Expansion and Contraction
Easier to Install
Light Weight, Easier to Handle, No Hangers Required
Fits Inside Drop Ceilings
Fits Plumbing Walls

Eliminates all other fixture vents and revents

How It Works


Additional ProVent Innovations
In addition, ProVent has produced innovations which improve the contractor’s profitability and competitiveness and provide a superior job for the clients of the architect, engineer and contractor.

The ProVent Double Wye Fitting

The ProVent Double-Wye fitting has two openings that are offset to ensure that branch piping enters the horizontal pipe above its centerline. The way in which the Double-Wye fitting can be used with the ProVent StackVent is shown in the piping layout for the Back-to Back Bathroom schematic, below.

22o PVC Elbow

When used with the 22o-angle side openings on the Double-Wye, the 22o PVC Elbow allows the branch piping to be “rolled” to the correct angle for the various openings (as shown in the piping layout, below).

Whisper Quiet Shell Pipe

This innovation allows a PVC Plastic DWV system to function more quietly than a cast iron system! To learn more about Whisper Quiet Shell Pipe and to see a video on the sound-testing results and methods, please click here.

Fixed Point Fabrication

Almost all high-rise bathroom layouts are repetitive from floor to floor. In the example shown below, you can see how the combination of ProVent’s innovative products leads to a simple and elegant layout which allows one StackVent to pick up all the fixtures in back-to-back bathrooms. This allows the contractor to gain the productivity and quality control benefits of fixed point prefabrication. To learn more about fixed point fabrication with ProVent, please click here.

All plumbing contractors need to take a closer look at this new single stack DWV system

  • It functions beautifully, costs less money, secures the piping and the PVC doesn’t corrode or deteriorate.
  • It can help the contractor improve profitability and competitiveness.
  • That’s valuable at any time, but in today’s slower market, it’s critical!

Back-to-Back Bathroom Example

A typical hotel bathroom (see below) usually has fixtures on both sides of the Stack Fitting as shown. The ProVent Double-Wye fits between the stack in a 6″ wall and a 12″ rough water closet. The two 2″ side openings are molded on a 22 raised angle so adding the 22o PVC Elbow allows you to roll the branch piping directly to the various openings.

Bathroom Schematic From Below w Double Wye View Web

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